Sunday Thoughts: Just Do You

Happy Sunday! I can't believe I'm using this as a reference, but to quote social media apps *yik yak* "then on the seventh day, God said go to the library and get your life together." So this is me getting it together (I also appreciated whoever wrote "Sundays are where I either get my life together or realize it's falling apart- thanks for the inspiration). 

Yesterday I had a recruit who had never stayed overnight at a college and I was able to fill her in on the life of a student athlete. I tend to be someone who doesn't like to sugarcoat things- for the most part this is good, however there are times, like as a camp counselor where this is not good (kind of hoping my coaches never see this...). The funny thing is, whenever I host a recruit or give a tour, I always come out of it a little enlightened (Wow- going to a small school is great! We really do live in a beautiful place!) One of the biggest topics of discussion (surprise) was the partying culture. Now, honestly I don't really know how we broke the top 10 party schools ('Ray Bucknell) but after talking to her, I basically told her "honestly go out if you wanna go out, but you definitely don't have to." 

Last night I decided to take some of my own advice. After a crazy three weeks I decided to chill with Katy and clean (yeah, who doesn't want to vacuum on a Saturday night?) and the first hour or so I kept on thinking "gosh I really should be socializing- what am I doing." However, after a while I got into the zone of relaxing and roommate bonding and the world kept turning. I woke up with the best sleep I'd ever had and was ready to tackle the day (granted, I did procrastinate too but you get the idea). The point is, just do you and the world will move on. 

Happy Sunday!

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