Thursday Thoughts: Safety

I feel like, as college students, sometimes we feel that we are invincible and that bad things that happen to young people are left behind in newspaper articles and on TV. 

Though I fall somewhere between my grandma and a party animal, I admittedly like to go out. To be honest, going to school in the middle of nowhere when you seldom see people (besides faculty) over 23,  outside of parents weekend, I rarely think about the fact that there is a world outside of Bucknell. At school, it's pretty normal to not lock doors, leave computers out in the library and honestly expect that if you lose something it will be returned a few days later. Even as a kid, I was constantly rolling my eyes at people who were always trying to enforce safety rules and honestly now feel horribly for my nanny, Kim, who had to deal with me growing up, leaving the house to play with my friends and not telling her where I was going. Therefore, when going out, it's too easy to think that everyone has your best interest in heart. 

Something I learned early into my freshman year was the importance of looking out for people when going out besides your friends. Katy and my roommate Alexa last year were the best role models in this way. I saw them on numerous occasions helping people (some they didn't even know) who had no friends with them and needed help. I think most people by now have heard of Hannah Graham, a girl who went missing last week from UVA and has not been found. I think what really hit me with this issue was after seeing this happen to a girl who was friends with several of mine and lived in the same building as Maddie, I realize that these things do happen and though rare, it's so important to be attend to safety (camp counselor buzzword). 

All I ask, lovely reader, is to think extra carefully about safety. We all need to charge our phones, drink responsibly, help the people who need it and most importantly, never go out alone. 

Have a great (and safe) weekend. 

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