What The Tour Guide Didn't Tell You About...Sorority Recruitment

Woo! Time for another installment of freshman-now-sophomore who thinks she knows it all and wants to give advice. I just finished sorority recruitment, and I figured I'd share some of my thoughts from the longest and craziest week of my life (maybe not an exaggeration this time). Because only a few of my close friends and family members did Greek life in college, I felt pretty blind going into it. I posted a couple of helpful videos a couple of weeks ago, but here are my top tips.  

1. Not everyone wants the same one This was kind of a shock to me how all my friends wanted such different sororities. It really shows that there is a perfect fit for everyone. I think it's awesome to have friends now all over!

2. You may find yourself in one you never thought you'd be in but will love. 

3. Don't "suicide rush" This can be taken in two ways, whether you go in only accepting to be in one chapter or only put one option on your bid card, you could either a) get cut or b) screw yourself in the process. 

4. Always be dressier than you think Depending on your school's tradition, but generally err on the side of caution. That being said, listen to whatever your Gamma Chi tells you, but also dress comfortably!
Why walk when you can fly....shoutout to all my Thetas!
5. Smile Whether it's your first or last choice, be really happy to be there. The girls talking to you love their sorority for a reason and are happy for you to be there. 

6. Accept A lot of things. Accept that you are going to be tired. Accept that you will (most likely) get cut from a chapter and have no idea why. Accept that you will also meet so many new people and expand your friend group. Though it was crazy, I know it forced me out of my comfort zone and will be one of my most memorable weeks of college- for the good and the bad. 

7. Befriend your Gamma Chi and the girls in your group. One of the first girls I met ended up being my sister!

8. Don't bad mouth ANY sorority to other PNMs when going through recruitment. Seriously, you never know if the person you are talking to wants to be or ends up in that chapter and it's really rude. 

9. You have less control than you think Kind of rough, but true. I was a classic sophomore who thought I had more power than I did. Though it is a mutual selection, if you get cut by a sorority, there is no going back. Take it for what it is- you'll find where you belong!

10. It all works out (for the most part) There are going to (unfortunately) be girls who may not get a bid or drop out, but for the most part, everyone ends up where they're supposed to be. 

Happy Wednesday!

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