101 Update

It's been about 2 months since I posted my original 101 goals in 1001 days and l figured it might be time to look at how many things I have actually accomplished. With almost 10%, progress is not too bad. 9 down, 92 to go!

1. See 5 new states (West Virginia October 2014)
2. Travel to 5 new countries (Fall 2015)
3. Visit somewhere tropical (Spring 2015)
4. Spend a week unplugged
5. Go a month without shopping
6. Live in a major city (Summer 2015)
7. Get Invisalign (finally!) (Winter 2014)
8. Get my wisdom teeth removed (Winter 2014)
9. Go to bed before 10 every night for a week
10. Wake up by 5 every morning for a week
11. Face a fear head-on
12. Vote in an election (Fall 2016)
13. Plan a fun 21st birthday
14. Finish the Friends series (2015)
15. Continue blogging every day
16. Redesign business cards 
17. Make a true "blogging friend" 
18. Improve outfits of the day
19. Get a piece of writing published (October 2014)
20. Learn how to properly use my camera
21. Meet a YouTuber in real life
22. Attend a book signing
23. Organize my email (Winter 2015)
24. Unsubscribe from Facebook "likes" (Winter 2015)
25. Read the 7th Harry Potter 
26. Take a class at school to help improve the blog (Spring 2015)
27. Complete a half marathon
28. Learn calligraphy
29. Graduate? (hahaha) (May 2017)
30. Have a job for after college (2017)
31. Do the Polar Bear plunge (February 2015)
31. Study abroad (Fall 2015)
32. Find another activity on campus to be involved in (September 2014)
33. Make a photo collage for my dorm 
34. Find out my blood type
35. Write an article for the Bucknellian
36. Be a "big sister" for an underclassmen (Fall 2016)
37. See a guest speaker at school (October 2014)
38. Visit at least one other college for a weekend (October 2014)
39. Intern for the summer (Summer 2015)
40. Get an off campus house senior year
41. Visit Maddie and Sophia at school (October 2014)
42. Take 1s
43. See Frozen
44. Find a "go to older sister" at school (October 2014)
45. Have a "go to" professor 
46. Get my parents and brothers a great gift
47. Meet a member of my family that I haven't met (November 2014)
48. Learn about my family clans 
49. Keep a journal
50. Help my brother with a Jeep Wrangler
51. Have professional family photos taken 
52. Attend a wedding (July 2015)
53. Fly with my uncle in his plane (Spring 2015)
54. Help my mom with a garden project
55. Help send out the Christmas cards (November 2014)
56. Read 3 "mother approved" classic books
57. Do something involving freshmen at school 
58. Get an internship
59. Skydive
60. Be front row at a concert/performance
61.Travel to a new continent (Fall 2015)
62. Not go over data plan for a month
63. Take a cooking class
64. Take a trapeze class in DC
65. Have a water gun fight 
66. Go a month with no desserts
67. Find one coffee drink I like 
68. Inspire someone else to make a list 
69. Bungee jump 
70. Leave a 100% tip
71. Spend the day blind and/or unable to talk
72. Attend a wedding
73. Try an Acai bowl (October 2014)
74. Go to a midnight movie premiere
75. Go on a backpacking trip
76. Go "fully raw" for a day
77. Brush up on my stick shift skills
78. Skinny dip 
79. Go to a farm in the fall (October 2014)
80. Buy the person behind me a coffee
81. Learn how to cook my least favorite foods well
82. Buy a homeless person lunch
83. Attend a music festival 
84. Take a spontaneous trip 
85. Have a yard sale
86. Make a T shirt quilt
87. Learn a back handspring and/or splits
88. Face my fears and have a scary movie marathon
89. Have a signature drink
90. Get a polaroid camera (October 2014)
91. Save $5 for each goal accomplished
92. Journal for at least a month every day
93. Read at least a dozen books for fun (pathetic for an English major, but it's a start)
94. Volunteer for something I'm really passionate about
95. Spend a weekend cleaning + organizing the house 
96. Move into an apartment
97. Go to a "real" college football game
98. Visit T.R. at college (scary to think)
99. Cook (or try) a unique food 
100. Get someone an amazing present
101. Make a new list!

Happy Monday! Now go out and tackle your goals!


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