Fall Pick Me Up Playlist

Every time I post one of these, I just want to preface- I am not the person to go to for songs that you have never heard of. However after driving for over 4 hours back to school- and listening to "All About That Bass" about 10 times, I promise you that it will be better than than that...here is the link on Spotify.
I like to associate music with certain 
seasons- is that normal? For example any kind of jazzy piano music is associated with Christmas and the snow falling down while upbeat songs remind me of driving in the summer with my Jeep windows down. Today was rainy but warm- in my eyes the perfect fall day. Here is a (kind of short, sorry midterms are just wrapping up) playlist of some of my favorite songs for one of the best seasons out there. 

Happy Wednesday! Enjoy the rest of your (short) week! {Image one//two} 

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