Keeping Up with the Sheehy's: Cox's Farm

A couple of weeks ago, I made a list of all the things that I wanted to do in fall. Of course I had to include going to a farm. So naturally my family along with everyone else in the Northern Virginia area drove out to Cox's Farm today to a) get a pumpkin and b) take Christmas card photos c) realize that a family of 5 shouldn't have to wait in a 30 minute line to pay $100 to go on a hayride (love you Cox, but really?). We decided to go to the cafe and "pre picked" patch instead. Here are some photos from the outing. 

Happy Sunday! I hope that you enjoy your Monday off! 
Classic Jackson having the time of his life... 

The absolute best part in my opinion- puts the Pumpkin Spice Latte to shame

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