October Favorites

For September being what felt like the longest month, October flew by and what an incredible month it was (even without the greatest holiday having happened yet!). Today, I am going to be driving for 300 miles, but here are some of the things I have been loving this month. 

October Favorite

Taylor Swift 1989 Wrote a whole post, but the whole thing is amazing- probably to the point that I will be sick of it by the time the singles are released. 

Andrea (and Theta) My big. I always used to laugh at all the "I love my lineage" posts on Facebook, but from lunch dates to lending me your car Andrea, you really are the best.

Meghan Trainor Though I am getting a bit sick of "All About that Bass," this girl is great. My current favorite.

Vineyard Vines Fleece Vest I had been on the fence about this and after getting it, will never go back.

Public Speaking After last semester, I really focused on the professor in addition to the class and would suggest really researching into RateMyProfessors.com. I absolutely love this class and despite being stressful at times (Katy and I still have nightmares about Prezi) it's project based and so interesting. Highly recommend. 

My Parents Without getting sappy, I could not be the person I am or function on a day to day basis without them. There is a really great statement Ashton Kutcher made about being a dad that "As soon as this child was born I immediately like wanted to call my parents and just apologize because I never knew how much they loved me." Love you two. 

Jason DeRulo If you didn't see practically the whole concert via Snapchat story, he came by Bucknell last weekend and put on such a solid show. 

Essie's Cascade Cool My go to pink color this month. 

Cox Farms Probably the most overrated farm in Northern Virginia. Probably the single most photographed place for Christmas photos. Probably going to end 

Happy Thursday!

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