Unexpected Surprises

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that October was going to be an awesome, crazy packed month. One of the things in my agenda was Watermelon Bust, a philanthropy event by Lambda Chi Alpha frat at Bucknell. It was really fun and I dubbed myself as the "Theta photographer" and took a lot of photos. I tend to either get a million or take none at all. To prove that I actually do things beyond my computer- here's a look at what went down. 

For anyone who is in high school or a freshman in college, I highly recommend going through recruitment. Though it's only been a month and I knew very few girls in my pledge class, through this weekend with bonding events that we had (doing ropes courses and literally trusting and pulling each other up a 12 foot wall) I have had the chance to get to make so many friends and participate in so many opportunities that I would never know about otherwise. Cheesy, but true. 

Happy Saturday! Have a great day!

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