Awesome Etsy Shop: Charm & Gumption

Yesterday I mentioned that it was the time of year where winter started to hit school, but another intimidating realization came yesterday: finals season is among us. For anyone in high school who wonders if it is as bad as people say, yes it is. But even worse than you can imagine because you can't turn in bathroom passes for extra credit. If you are like me and got hit by the finals bus this week, don't worry, I will be posting some happy things to distract you and words of encouragement everyday as well as finals tips too. 

Getting through the semester, especially finals, I have relied on my "Hustle" notepad to get through assignments. I am running out, which is slightly concerning- it's like losing your favorite pen before an exam- how can you get by? Anyway, the place I usually get them from ran out (what a shock) and in the process of looking for another store came across the Etsy shop charm & gumption (they also have a really cute Instagram account). There are adorable prints, mugs and stationery- for really affordable prices!

Happy Wednesday!
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