Cute Jackets (that aren't a Barbour)

Let it go down that November 18th was the day winter came to Bucknell. We all knew this day would come as upperclassmen reach for their coats and Californians get a taste of the winter to come that they were warned about. 

Of course being the school Bucknell is, Barbours are the choice outerwear for females in Lewisburg. I do admire them, however I was inspired by the lovely Sarah Vickers and her adorable toggle coat. Busting out my own parka I got from Urban Outfitters last year (from Members Only see below) I decided to put together a list of my picks for affordable jackets and coats for what people are predicting to be a snowy winter. Of course jackets (coats? Can someone explain the difference to me.) are an investment, and these are the perfect balance between quality and price. 

Under $200

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