Saturday Guilty Pleasure: Chrisley Knows Best

Being sick all weekend, I Holly came by my room and introduced me to Chrisley Knows Best, the greatest show in the entire world- no exaggeration. 

But for real, can I live on one of these southern plantations?
The show is about a typical southern family, but the father of the household Todd Chrisley is absolutely ridiculous. I actually laugh out loud when watching the show to the point where Holly just wants to film my reaction to the show. Fortunately for any person reading this who doesn't have cable, some kind soul put the episodes on Youtube- god bless. 

When I met Katy the first week of school last year, I was introduced to the world of southern culture. I remember during Orientation when I walked into her room and she was wearing heels, curlers and spraying hairspray all over the place. Since then I have gotten schooled in true southern culture (and it's been funny to watch Katy get "Northernized"). 

Happy Sunday!
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