TBT: Senior Year

Unfortunately, my computer has gotten to the point where it's running out of memory. In an attempt to free up space, I've been looking through all of my 15,000+ photos I've taken in the past 3 years. Once I got an iPhone, things went a bit picture overload...

Here are some of my favorite pictures and memories from my senior year of high school (2012-2013). Though I had the roughest junior year and college process, I absolutely loved my senior year. After getting into Bucknell, I was able to really enjoy time with my friends before college and getting out of school at the end of April was amazing. It's funny how only a couple of years out of high school you start to forget the stress and only remember the good memories of school. 

The fanciest pre prom set up ever....

Love these two and still talk everyday

THE most diva picture I have ever seen

Stomach painting for Homecoming 2012- a WL tradition 

Trying a "doughnut burger" at a regatta- classic. 

Painting the rock at Yorktown- one of my favorite memories of my last semester of high school 

Taylor Swift Red Tour in May 2013
Maddie after her last 2K ever- don't kill me please

Had to include a picture of Pepper of course

Graduation 2013 at DAR Constitution Hall
 Happy Thursday!

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