The Monday Panic.

Honestly, I am not really one of those "I hate Monday" people. For me, Mondays are usually not a lot of "work work" but rather meetings, classes and viewings for my film class. However, this Monday was an accumulation of finals/procrastination and is keeping me on the edge of a mental breakdown. If your Mondays are also not treating you so well, here are some of my suggestions for turning it around or making it a little better: 

Plan Lunches One of my favorite ways to unwind from stress is grabbing food with friends. Fortunately today was one of our Theta lunches and I was able to eat with my Big and one of my best friends, but making plans is a nice way to break up a long day. 

Schedule a (Short) Nap Key word being short and preferably in the middle of the day after tackling a nice chunk of the to do list. I tend to set 92138347 alarms, otherwise I'd sleep for the rest of the day. 

Start Early Waking up before your first class and tackling a chore can be a great way to get motivation in before your first class- even if it's an 8 or 9 am. 

Go to the Gym I think there is a common misconception that when schoolwork becomes too time consuming that the gym is the first thing that has to get cut, but I think it makes the best study break and prevent more stress from not working out and stress eating (cause you know it's real). 

Plan Ahead There is nothing better than having a to do list the night before. 

Happy (maybe not but you get the point) Monday! Now go out there and conquer the week!

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