The Roughest Monday

Oh Monday, you sneaky thing. While most people hate the first (second?) day of the week, I usually enjoy it. With a lot of errands and not a lot of class, Mondays provide a solid start to the week. Full of hope and promise, I always defended it- until today. I usually have a pretty positive outlook on things, but after an unfortunate gust of wind while wearing a skirt and dropping my uncased phone on the sidewalk, I decided to write a good ole rant to the most dreaded of days. 

The morning started with my lovely roommate yelling at me to turn my *&@#&^$ alarm off- which is funny because despite waking up at 8 on Sundays I figured it wouldn't be hard to get up. I felt pretty bad (this rarely happens), but then felt even worse finding out she has the flu...also waking up with a sore throat, it's only a short time before everyone is infected. Of course getting to class made me aware of the fact that everyone is getting sick at school and to the kid who coughed into my phone before handing it to me, WHY.   

After lunch, I decided to head back to my room to study for Spanish- a class that I thought would be so easy because hey, I've taken Latin and it's an intro class...WRONG. To start the horrible study session, my building is four floors alternating genders. I was so caught up in being the typical girl I am checking my email on my phone that I walked right into the room that I thought was mine, but was instead my downstair neighbor. Unfortunately, I did not realize this until walking in, closing the door and looking up...classic and not the first time this has happened.

I then studied with the efficient but painfully boring technique my 7th grade Latin teacher taught us and after feeling like I crammed everything into my brain decided to use the last 5 minutes before class to make myself presentable- even though I still felt like todays class was going to be a struggle, I might as well look decent in the process, right? (typical Bucknell logic) Just a friendly reminder to the female population: skirts and backpacks do not mix. With the combination of not rushing to class for once and pulling down my skirt every 5 seconds, it was the longest walk to class and not a good look. 

Getting to class, things did not improve. Despite the things that happen to every college student- the professor deciding to start the quiz 2 minutes before class ending, there is a class evaluator about 3 times the age of the students in the class who thinks I'm an idiot. Of course decided that the most opportune time to ask if I understood anything on the page was when the entire class was completely silent (in her defense, I don't think it was intentional, because she also deiced that the other time the class was silent would be the best time to answer a phone call- the things real adults can get away with in college). 

Though it was kind of a rough the highlight of the day besides the Mac 'n' cheese Monday I'm about to drown in came from one of my friends I had lunch with. She stated that looking at photos of the weekend, "you and Andrea look like you have so much fun" and were quoted as being "the life of the party." (I guess I'll take it?) To quote the song blasting in the Bison right now, "everything is wonderful now." Well played Everclear. 

Happy?? Monday!

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