The Truth About Friends

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted a Thursday Thought. Sorry for the delay, but things have been crazy busy and it's sometimes hard to get all my thoughts down into words. None the less I'm back with a Tuesday? Thoughts from the life and times of a(n occasionally struggling) sophomore. 

In high school, I was pretty much a "four quarters over one hundred pennies" kind of person and that's still how I am today. What I didn't realize until college was how much I really need my friends to get me through life's challenges. Friends in college connect with you on such a different level, because they are with you 24/7 and serve as not only your friends but true family. 

Me and Katy at the end of freshman year- we couldn't be more different, but this girl is always there for me like no other
While freshman year is where you tend to stray away from your high school friends and dive into the sea of trying to find new friends in college. Though I like to keep up with everyone as much as possible, this definitely rang true. Sophomore year is where you learn (or at least I have) who will really have your back. Like stay-up-with-you-till-2 am- as- you-cry-in-a-closet have your back. Something I have learned from getting older is that there are a lot of really crappy people in the world, however there are also so many more incredible people that can be the most amazing friends. I have also learned that friendship is such a give and take- that you can get so much joy out of putting someone else first. One of my good friends Sarah has always said "never hang out with anyone who doesn't makes you feel like the sunglasses emoji." Well said.  

To close with a very cheesy phrase, cut out any crappy "friends" in your life and find people who will stay up with you till 2 am. Always be there for them and never let them go. 

Happy Tuesday! Now go out and vote!

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