Thursday Thoughts: Campus Rape Culture

Though I really enjoy getting to blog about monthly favorites, shopping and traveling, I also like to address more "real" situations and it's been a while since writing a proper Thursday Thoughts. I'm sure somewhere in your newsfeed you read the Rolling Stone article about "Jackie", a girl who was gang raped by seven Phi Psi brothers at UVA as part of an initiation practice. The article is shocking, raw, real and I am mildly horrified to say that I recently went to a party at that very house. Hearing these stories come out from colleges makes the reality of sexual violence that can occur on campus. 

I was very unaware of the rape culture that exists on college campuses before getting to school. After almost three semesters (and countless frat parties), I cannot even express the importance of being safe. Just because it may seem like it, not everyone at a party is going to have your best interest in mind- alway make sure to be with people you trust. Though I go to school in a tight knit community, horror stories happen on every campus. If you ever see someone at a party who needs help or has had too much to drink, please say something. Even if you have no idea who the person is, you never know the impact you could have on that person's life. 

If someone comes to you who has been sexually assaulted (this has happened a few times since being at school) it's a really big deal that they are coming to you. Listen and be there for them- and be the support for whatever they decide to do. 

Have a good (and safe) weekend.

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