Youtube Feature: Finding Fabulous

One day in browsing the interwebs, I came across Finding Fabulous, a YouTube channel by Laurel Stokes and Alex Coulter, two college sophomores in Los Angeles. I love their videos and was so excited when they agreed to answer some questions about college, sorority life and balancing filming on a shared channel. Thanks so much guys!
Laurel: UCLA sophomore, communications major with a film and TV minor, Pi Beta Phi sorority
Alex: USC sophomore, business administration major with a music industry minor, Alpha Delta Pi sorority

You both seem to have the whole time management aspect of college down! How do you schedule in Friday videos with the rest of your schedule? We plan ahead which videos will go up on a particular Friday, so we know weeks ahead what needs to be filmed by when, and then it's just a matter of filming between classes.

Biggest piece of advice for college students? Try new things! That's what college is for after all!
What inspired you to start a collab YouTube channel? We've both been obsessed with YouTube, especially the beauty gurus, forever! We decided to do it together because we could share the burden and the success, and it's way more fun this way!

How do you come up with original ideas for videos and what has been your favorite to film? A lot of our videos are requested by our viewers, but we also just ask ourselves what would we want to see? When we were just starting college we had tons of questions, so a lot of our college videos are designed to answer those questions. We also love to share new beauty techniques and products we discover, because we take makeup/hair very seriously!

You are both in sororities. What would you say to someone thinking about going through recruitment? Definitely do it! You have nothing to lose by going through recruitment, and you'll probably make tons of friends even if you don't join. If you do, you'll have such an amazing and unique experience that you can only find in college!

Advice for people who want to start a YouTube channel? What have been the biggest challenges and best parts so far? Just do it! We didn't really know what we were doing at first, but you learn best through practice! The biggest challenge was figuring out how to schedule ourselves so we could have regular videos, and working together at different schools.

What is one crazy thing on your college bucket list? We both really want to study abroad in the future!

Thank you so much Laurel and Alex! Have a great Wednesday and check out their channel (and Facebook page!) for "a new video every Fabulous Friday!"
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