Happy New Year's Eve! 2014 has been a fantastic year. I learned so many things about life and the world around me, met incredible people and had amazing experiences, including making the commitment to blogging everyday. I could not be more grateful for this year. 

I could write a million things about this year, but decided to sum it up in some of my favorite pictures from this year. 

I loved getting to work at camp again this summer- and these amazing people!

I loved spending time in New York and navigating my way
around the city- including seeing this amazing show!

This upcoming year is going to be broken into 3 four month sections: sophomore spring, summer job and then going abroad. Here's to more adventures in 2015!

Happy Wednesday! Hope you have a fun (and safe) New Year!

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  1. The summing up the results of this year brought many pleasant memories. You have made a large number of good things. You could spend this year with benefit and pleasure.