Best Places to Study (That aren't the main library)

With finals going on, I have learned to get creative with my studying spots. Though very few Bucknellians have figured out the prime nook under the spiral staircase, from time to time I like to get out and work somewhere else. Though I technically have my own room, I learned very quickly that studying there just ends in me waking up 3 hours later after crashing on my bed. Whether are desperate to get out of the library or just want to get out of your usual spot, here are some of my new favorite finds. 

Your department library || Technically a library, but look at your major for specific study spaces for students. The English department at Bucknell has an awesome old library that students can use- check out what areas are available. 

Student study space || The key is really when you go- for prime studying early mornings or late at night. Bonus? Comfy chairs. 

The cafeteria || If you are down to be efficient and save meal swipes, staying all day and completing the "Caf Challenge" may be for you. Having one spot to be forced to get your work done and essentially two free meals? Check. 

If you're lucky...outside || If you are one of those people who goes to school in Florida or Southern California who is constantly sending me snapchats at the beach, please enjoy the outside for the rest of us. 

Happy Saturday! Whether you're studying, going home or enjoying your last weekend at school, have a great (and productive) one!

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