Big and Little Bake: The Best and Worst

Put two girls together in the baking section of Weis and you get an interesting series of events. On Friday night, Andrea and I decided to bake up a storm, followed by falling asleep on the couch to Love Actually- wild night. Here is a breakdown of the good, bad and messy. If you need some baked goods, please let me know before I eat them all. 

Frozen Heart Shaped Cookies: Give them an A+, mostly because they required minimum clean up and work. Cute, and a constant reminder to actually see the movie. 

Duff's Tie Dye Cake: We has very little expectations going into it, and despite having to clean 8 extra dishes, it turned out really well (we had a lot of fun mixing the colors together) Really colorful and good so A+. 

Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookies: Unfortunately got burned, but overall a B+. Letter grade taken off for lack of spices. 

Mexican Wedding Cookies: Well considering they looked like the "Pinterest Fails," we're gonna give them a generous D+ (sorry Andrea). 

Happy Saturday! 

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