Easy Guide to Ebay

This is a dress for a wedding- originally $275 and
sold out, which I found online for $89- a total steal!
When I was younger, I never thought I'd be one to use Ebay as often as I do. Though people have defined the site as being "sketchy" and unreliable, but I have found some incredible deals online. Of course you have to know what you're doing -here are some of my tips for navigating the site and scoring some great steals.

Always look for the labels with the items. NWT (New with tags) and  NIB (New in box) are the best, though I have found little problems with "new without tags." I am a fan of the "buy now" since bidding can be tricky. 

Worth It on Ebay: If something is sold out or significantly less than the original- snag it. 

Not Worth It: If the item is the same price in store or no photo is provided of the actual item, then be very conscious. Many things are not worth buying second hand (makeup, brushes and shoes for example). If you are looking at a pricy item, then make sure there are returns. 

Happy Saturday! 


  1. We should be very careful during the commission of such transactions. You are lucky in this respect, because you managed to acquire the beneficial things.

  2. Online shopping is very dangerous thing... Sometimes we have problems with it. Thank you and good luck.