Fashion Friday: Early Winter Plaid and Layers

Going to Bucknell, I am constantly surrounded by some of the best dressed people I have ever met. Going into my friend's closets is always an enjoyable experience to say the least. 

Yesterday was the epitome of a gloomy Bucknell day. The campus however still looked beautiful, and we were able to get some awesome shots before it started pouring rain. I am absolutely in love with the dress Margaret is wearing. With lots of layers and plaid on plaid in the same color palette, it pushes the envelope just enough. Of course throw on some classic Bean Boots and you're set!

Jacket: Barbour
Dress: J.Crew
Scarf: Gap (an awesome find!)
Jewelry: Cartier (her own)
Shoes: Bean Boots

Thanks so much Margaret! Happy Friday and good luck with finals to all my fellow college friends!

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