Without being dramatic, the Sophomore slump hit hard today. So hard that I found myself almost breaking down at office hours with the classic "what am I doing with my life?" Fortunately a bit of clarity and working on upcoming traveling plans are keeping spirits up. As horrible as finals are, there is something about everyone coming together on campus for two weeks to endure it that makes it a bit more bearable. Maybe not, but I'm gonna try to keep it positive. 

FinalsOn the way to one of the last of my weekly Monday appointments, I walked by all the local Lewisburg dog owners bringing their pets for students. It's the little things that make finals bearable.The two things that I have been relying on to get by are a workout and showering. Other than the availability of machines during exams it gives a productive escape from work. With showering, never underestimate the power of being clean. The other day I went to class with the most hobo hair and literally looked down the entire way to class without looking up to avoid eye contact. Talking to loved ones on the phone- whether it's family or friends from home is a good reminder that there is life outside of the library. And maybe some chocolate. 

Happy Monday! {Image}

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