How to Be a (Great) Guest

Whether it means coming home from school and traveling somewhere to stay with friends and family, some (of me and my mother's best) tips. Granted, this is from several years of learning...

Accept || That even if you are staying with family or your best friend, it's still stressful to some extent for them to have you. Be extra cautious, especially around stressful holidays.  

Always Ask || For anyone who's ever hosted, having someone in your house is stressful, no matter who it is. Asking before takings and going places are things that are easy to forget but are essential for as little tension as possible. 

Volunteer || Always ask what you can do to help around the house. Little things like doing the dishes, taking out trash and filling a car up with gas go a long way. 

Thank you note || Because you can never go wrong with one. :) Also bring food...

Happy Friday!

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