J.Crew Love

If I had to be any store, it would hands down go to J.Crew. The love started in 10th grade with my first pair of chino shorts (which were a size 0- the good old days) and the love (and downward spiral of my savings) has continued ever since. Though a lot of people stray from it because of its prices, the quality of the clothes are unparalleled- I honestly wear my Pixie Pants everyday in the winter (they do get washed constantly and I have multiple pairs, hold the judgement). 

It might be a good thing that I have placed my debit card far out of reach because the Cyber Monday sale is too good to resist. With 30% off and their adorable gift guide, now is the perfect time to get some Christmas shopping done (and maybe get some things for yourself too).

Happy Cyber Monday! 

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