Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my family to yours! Every year my grandmother (Grummy) gets everyone matching PJ's for Christmas Eve. The tradition has been going on since my eldest cousins were born- it's always fun to look through the photos throughout the years!

I also thought it be appropriate to include this year's Christmas card (written by yours truly. Have a wonderful day!

Happy Holidays! Hard to believe another year has flown by. With 2014 came a new Taylor Swift album, an internet sensation (this summer’s Ice Bucket Challenge) and as a sign of being cutting edge, our family got rid of our land-line! In addition, here’s what we have been up to in 2014...

Though his security clearance prevents us from writing in detail about what he does, Tom continues to do a lot of important things on Capitol Hill. When not chilling with other important people (Obama, Boehner, Bono) he can be seen playing sports, cheering on New England, dressing like T.R. and enjoying the outdoors. He did some international travel, but his best trip was hanging out on the Cape this summer, eating lobster rolls and NOT watching a Cape Cod league baseball game (it was rained out not once, but twice)!

Apart from keeping the kids from killing each other, Elizabeth is still on the District Team at Macy’s. She did manage a Girls Week Away in May, visiting friends in Jordan, with a side trip to Israel. The timing was fortunate, and the memories are incredible! After working through the long holiday hours and pushing through crowds of overcaffeinated, Starbucks-carrying, Ugg-wearing teenagers, she is ready for a relaxing holiday. Elizabeth has also taken up running, completing an impressive 13.1 miles at this year’s Nike Half Marathon.

While attempting to dodge the family questions during the holidays of what she is doing with her life, Emma is “livin’ the college life” as a sophomore English major at Bucknell University. If you’re ever in central Pennsylvania looking for a good time, hit her up. Apart from Instragramming pictures throwing up her sorority signs, enjoying the perks of living in a world where food is paid for with her student ID and frequent naps, she has thrown herself into writing. Check out Her Campus Bucknell and to see some of her stuff!

T.R. is enjoying life as the Alpha child, as least in the time between holidays where he is clearly put back in his place. The newly licensed driver and owner of (Emma’s) Jeep, he When not juggling the joys of junior year or at football, wrestling or baseball, T.R. can be seen sporting looks right out of an L.L. Bean catalogue and would be happy to take part in the “full vs. quarter zip” sweatshirt debate.

Jackson continues his role as the “chill youngest child” of the Sheehy household. In addition to being chill, Jackson enjoys ruling the halls of middle school, going to baseball practice and terrorizing the cats.

Salem & Pepper continue to rule the roost and the rest of the small rodents on 2nd Road. The real patriarch pumas of the family, they enjoy Meow Mix and sleeping on warm piles of laundry.

Have a wonderful New Year from our family to yours. May you achieve all your 2015 resolutions Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Tom, Elizabeth, Emma, T.R., Jackson, Salem & Pepper

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