Motivation Monday Guest Post: Andrea

Finally the return of guest writers! Thanks so much Andrea for all your amazing advice! Stay tuned, I have a bunch of people lined up for the upcoming weeks.

Hi guys, my name is Andrea and I am Emma’s wonderful and charismatic big! For an unknown reason she has let me write on her blog, her bad decision to make. But as finals are winding down on my last fall semester at Bucknell, I took some time to reminisce. Bucknell has been a fantastic four years full of ups and down, happiness, struggles, drunken pizza calls, and love. But something that I learned my sophomore year when I joined Kappa Alpha Theta is something that I hold true and is by far one of the most important things I have learned: faith, hope, love. While these three words seem so trivial, it how I have lived my life. 

Have faith that whatever bump in the road you encounter, either a not so spectacular grade, a fight with a significant other, or something that just seems to big to handle, have faith that it will get better because in the end it always does. Hope that everyone else realizes the blessing they have been given to spend four years at such an amazing institution; being humble and realizing your blessings takes time but at the end is a quality that revered by many. Love with everything inside of you. Call your parents more than once a week- they love you and my guess is that they want to hear your voice more than anything but won’t call because they don’t want interrupt your life. Love your friends for what they give to you and what you give in return. Fall in love with someone, it is one of the most beautiful feelings on Earth and I hope that everyone gets the chance to have it. These three words hold so much power in them and I understand why Betty Locke over 100 years ago decided to make that Theta’s mantra. While I is sad that my time here is fast approaching, but I realize I have had the most amazing experiences here, moments that I will treasure and never forget.

Also, for the younger audience out there, here are a couple of rules to live by while in college:

  1. Always order drunken Dominos
  2. That guy that looked super cute last night probably isn’t as cute in daylight-make decisions accordingly
  3. If you have a choice between studying or hanging out with friends on a Friday night, always hang out with your friends- those are the memories that you will remember.
  4. Remember whatever you write on yik-yak will come back to haunt you- it’s karma
  5. NEVER LIVE IN LARISON unless you’re really into blood-stained walls, naked guys walking into your room at 2am on a Tuesday, and a sunk-like smell emanating throughout the hall.
  6. Take risks
  7. Love often- but realize that not everyone you befriended the first day of freshman year will be a part of your life come graduation and that’s OKAY!
  8. Call your mother often
  9. Saturday morning caf chills are perhaps some of the best things put on Earth- take advantage of all-you-can-eat for two meals for the price of one.
  10. Consider Greek life, but don’t make it your whole life- I made some of my best friends from Theta and I am so glad I joined.
  11. Count your blessings- remember how lucky you are to be at Bucknell

Andrea “Emma’s Awesome Big” Seifert

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