Nalgenes + Drinking Water

For Christmas this year, my brother T.R. got my whole family custom Nalgenes. In addition to being really useful, he also included a list of the benefits of drinking water- they really are incredible and my dad and I are trying to drink more water for 2015. Here is the list that he included with our bottles.

1. Flushes toxins from vital organs
2. Carries nutrients to the cell 
3. Suppresses appetite 
4. Helps the body metabolize fat
5. Reduces fluid retention
6. Helps maintain proper muscle tone
7. Reduces wrinkles and outward signs of aging
8. Helps prevents headaches
9. Reduces heartburn
10. Can help reduce back pain
11. Helps regulate body temperature
12. Regulation for digestion and absorption of food
13. Necessary for proper blood circulation
14. Helps dissolve minerals and distribution in the body
15. Increases athletic performance 

Happy Tuesday!
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