Stories from Finals Week

Happy Reading Day Bucknellians! For those of you waking up late or who have nothing to do for the next few days, consider me very jealous. Also, if you are someone who is sick of hearing about finals or are not in college- sorry, but I don't have time to think about much else. By Friday the worst will be over and perfect for the continuation of the Fashion Friday return. Here are just some things that have happened (that I can post on the internet) from this week so far. I just want to apologize in advance for any sass. 

The Girls at The Gym || Yeah, some weird stuff happens at the gym. You know those stories you always hear about and think "that would never happen..." Well today two girls came in the treadmill next to me and I kid you not, pulled out their phones and started Instagramming each other...with me running in the background. 

Quiet Hours|| Just a moment for the "Turn down for quiet hours" posters. Yeah, this is directed at you guy who lives below me. 

The Last Time || In addition to the typical increase in clumsiness, I decided to actually get a coffee this morning. And then decided to drink it at a library computer thinking it's fine, it won't spill. Low and behold as I was standing up, in the backswing spilled it everywhere- on and under the keyboard and had the feeling of wanting to be completely invisible for a good 5 minutes cleaning it up (p.s. the keyboard is fine). I will accept this as punishment for conforming to the overpriced coffee on campus and the comment on the guy below me (but for real, why at 1 am every Monday do you think it's the best time to blast your throwback playlists?). 

Spanish || Before my Spanish final, there was a study group right before who wrote "*explicit* finals" on the board in huge block letters. It took our professor a good ten minutes to notice. 

I am going to be here all day, so if someone wants to cheer up and can do it without any loud or subtle movements, come find me in the East Reading Room. I am the one with Good Charlotte Pandora blasting teenage angst to combat my inconvenient dislike for coffee during this crucial time. 

Happy Wednesday! 
P.S. As usual, the year end 2014 Pop Mashup- enjoy.

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