Sunday Thoughts: The Truth of Sophomore Year

First, I would just like to start by saying, I hope you are having a successful finals week. Currently I am trying to get over the initial panic after writing the wrong date in my agenda for a term paper (it's fine, don't worry Mother) and rocking a side ponytail in public.

Somewhere I read that it takes about 3 weeks of being friends with people in college to "see who they really are" and that after this period, the walls really come down. This definitely rang true and though I was fortunate enough to meet some of my closest friends the first few days of school, there were definitely people that naturally drifted away. 

Though freshman year is its own journey, things shift as life becomes less about figuring out how the washing machine works and more about the relationships you surround yourself with everyday. Like the statement that you are a spitting image of your parents (scarily true), your friends really are a direct correlation of who you are as a person and can have a major impact on your development in college to "adulthood." Choose wisely, because honestly sophomore year (at least the first semester that I have experienced) is where you really see your friends. Suddenly the honeymoon phase is over for college and life gets real. In some ways this can be a bad thing, but in other ways, it can be incredible. 

I felt like this semester I found not only friends that would be there for me no matter what, but people that I could be there for, at all hours of the day no matter what. If you are a sophomore and feel constantly unhappy at university, look at the people who you are around everyday. Friends are going to argue- it's natural, but if your friends are making you more unhappy than bringing you joy, it might be time to move on, and that's ok. There is a really cheesy poster that was outside our middle school locker room. It was a poster of sharpened pencils and one with a dull tip that said "surround yourself with people who you want to be." Likewise, if I had to make a bumper sticker, it'd read "life is too short to have crappy friends." Expand and surround yourself with the best- because you deserve it (sorry for the cheesiness, but I am very sleep deprived). 

Happy Sunday! GOOD LUCK (the light is at the end of the tunnel). 

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