To My Dearest Big

Happy Big Appreciation week! It's crazy to think back to Bid Day that Friday afternoon in September, but I remember it to be one of the most overwhelming days. After a week of recruitment, the nerves, finding out I got into my top choice and then realizing I knew only two girls in my pledge class, it was overwhelming to say the least.

Little did I know that the person there to greet me with my sign welcoming me to Theta that day that I distinctly remember stating multiple times that I was "not usually this awkward, I'm just overwhelmed" would be one of the greatest people I would meet at Bucknell. 

Everyone says it, and for people not in Greek life you probably roll your eyes at it, but I absolutely love my big. There are so many things that I never thought would live up to the hype, but the bond and love between me and my big is not one of them. Though we were basically strangers on welcome weekend, we have quickly created so many memories, from Terrace Room lunches, mixers and hysterical  moments. I have never felt more love at school - who else would wake up before their morning practice to put Dunkin Donuts outside your door? Thank you for welcoming me into Theta, always being someone to rant to, laugh with and overall being ridiculous. You are so smart, kind strong and caring, and will do amazing things in the future (since you're already employed and all). Having a senior perspective on sophomore life has been wonderful and I'm glad I'm still "keeping you young." Can't wait for you to move from Missouri to Arlington for us to get into even more shenanigans with. I am truly blessed to be your little and have a commitment to make your last semester before graduation the best (please don't leave me!) and of course will try to reach the impossibly high standard that you have set for your G Little, whoever they may be. Love you Andrea. 

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