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Like most 80's and 90's babies, Harry Potter was my childhood. I was that kid who was always practicing spells with my wand, dreaming of the day I'd get my letter and leave the Muggle world. This did not happen (along with my Dragon Land scale being faulty) but I still love the Wizarding World. Being on break, I have fallen back into rewatching the films and rereading the books. I forgot how absolutely incredible they are- the story, the characters and the adventure were what fueled my creativity as a child (I'm pretty sure I went as Hermione three Halloweens in a row). Some links if you're back in the Potter spirit so you can lock yourself in your room all break too. 

An amazing interview with J.K. Rowling (and her famous speech here)

Yet another Hogwarts sorting hat quiz (I got Slytherin?)

Interesting discussion between JK Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe (a lot of unknown things for even the biggest Potter fan)

Google links to *ahem* see the films cheaply

Happy Saturday! Have a great day!
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