Do not's and Doughnuts (a guest post by Emma Bx)

For anyone who has been a long time reader, Emma Bx has been a continuous guest writer since the beginning. When she asked me to do a post this week, I was psyched. As one of the first people I ever met at Bucknell (throwback to Bison gatherings), I am so glad to have met someone on campus who can always "keep it real." (The number of ideas that she has submitted that I have had to veto because I want a job after graduation is lengthy but hilarious and will probably never post...perhaps one day.)

I'm back with a weekly post, so, you're welcome.

To incorporate my wisdom (or lack there of) and my love for food, I’ve decided to bestow you all with the Do-Not and Dough-nut of the week:

Do Not
Please, for the love of god, DO NOT set your alarms to be your favorite song. I have learned this the hard way all week that when you set your wakeup alarms—no matter if you just have one or have 400 like I do—you will not get up. You will continue to lay in bed and swipe right to get rid of the alarm, or you will (like I did this morning) lay in bed and just let the whole song play through multiple times and not move or get ready for class. I would suggest setting it to the most annoying ringtone possible which could include that new Ed Sheeran song that everyone seems to have become extremely attached to while I sit by and let my ears bleed as you all sing along.
Incase you were wondering, yes, I was very late to class.

On a lighter note, this fancy Almond Cronut will slap your eyes wide awake. You can also find a less fancy version of a Cronut at your local Dunkin Donuts. I promise you that your mouth water.

Thank you so much Emma! Happy Wednesday!


  1. Haha great piece of advice - I make sure that my ringtone is a song that makes me want to shut it off as soon as possible, and nothing that's slow or soothing! Great guest post!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

  2. This is the best post I have ever read. :) hahaha! But I will say, everytime uptown funk comes on right now I cant help but wiggle it, so I think that might get me out of bed :) Hope you have a great weekend, gal!