The GSD Grind

Yesterday one of my all time favorite bloggers, Carly Heitlinger of The College Prepster posted an interview that she did with Meg Biram on how to GSD (or get sh!t done, a term my camp director Maggie always liked to use). Being a college student can get absolutely insane because you are studying, socializing, working and living within the same few mile radius (maybe smaller if your at a school of 3,500) and have a million things to do. Here are some of the ways I "GSD."

Start Early in the Morning
This is something that I still have a lot of trouble with doing on the daily- but it's such a great way to be efficient all day. Next time you want to set the snooze button, just remember how great it feels to have a solid list of accomplishments before noon (and how sometimes good bad it can feel to wake up at 2 pm). 

Do Something Hard First 
For me, this is often going to the gym in the morning. It's not that working out is hard, but getting out of  a warm dorm room (well for me, it's scorching because I just discovered how the heating works in my room and am getting too much pleasure out of blasting it after freezing for days) and going out into the cold to run is less than ideal. However when I actually do, it fuels my momentum rather than pushing off something till the end of the day, when it feel like a chore.
Looking like such a tour post will be coming soon! 

Map Out Everything 
24 hours in a day can seem like a lot of time, but it's scary how quickly the days, weeks and months can go by. The colder temperatures means you will want less time having to go between your dorm, cafeteria, student space, bookstore ect. Having a list (see below) make it much easier to be as efficient as possible. 

List List LIST 
Cute stationery really is a gift from god. Use it, because there is nothing more satisfying than having a crossed off list at the end of the day. 

I have written out numerously about agendas and their importance to society- check it out here

Happy Hump Day!

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