Health Tips from My Mother

In an attempt to "get healthier" this year, I am trying to make little adjustments to my everyday life. Last week my mother and I sat down and we wrote down a couple of "goals." Slowly but surely I am trying to implement these in my life. I always knew the basics (McDonalds = bad and gym = good), but never thought much these. 

Sleep || I have never been one to have sleeping problems and am trying to track it better this semester. What it's pretty much come down to is sleep earlier and nap less. 

Water || I mentioned before in this post the importance of just drinking lots of water. There are so many studies not only on the benefits of drinking water, but also the benefits for losing weight. 

Workout + Eat Earlier || One of my terrible habits is eating dinner really late (especially during finals when I was running to make it to the Bison before its 11 pm closing) and working out late in the day (ahem 12 am). I always knew eating late at night was bad but never thought about the effect of when you work out and how this effects your sleep (and energy levels). 

Sweets || Back in high school, I went on the Paleo Diet and it really changed the way I viewed junk food. I can honestly speak from experience that if you cut sugar out of your life, you really do stop craving it. I have to say that life without dessert is pretty sad, so I'm trying to find a happy medium. 

One at a Time || Making slow changes and giving rewards. 

Happy Thursday! I would love to know some of your goals for 2015!

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