Man Crush Monday

Happy Monday! Though I'm not yet back at school, there is still something about Mondays that I still hate. Fortunately Mondays mean Man Crush Monday (will it carry on to 2015- only time will tell). In my vortex of watching old chick flick favorites, I have found the top five male leads who embody looks and personality. For your "favorite day of the week," here are some of my all time favorite chick flick male leads. 

1. Chris Pine as Lord Nicolas Deveraux in Princess Diaries 2 || It may have been 10 years since this movie came out, and yes there are about a dozen movies with Chris Pine you can see. However after rewatching it over break, as the gourmet cooking, rugby playing, horseback riding Lord Deveraux, this may be his most prime character. 

2. James Marsden as Kevin Doyle in 27 Dresses || This is for any girl who loves the smart, cynical writer types (I think this is bad, because I have already mentioned this character before). Between his bickering with Katherine Heigl and sensitive confessions, Kevin Doyle is about the most adorable guy out there. 

3. Ashton Kutcher as Reed Bennett in Valentine's Day|| Yeah move over Taylor Lautner because the real star is Ashton Kutcher as the sweet flower shop owner who falls for his best friend. 

4. Hugh Grant as Prime Minister in Love Actually || Andrea finally got me to watch this movie. What is it about British accents? 

5. Julian Morris as Dr. Wren Kensington in Pretty Little Liars || Because I'm bouncing around episodes, I have no idea if he's a good or bad character. But smart, charming and British- can I say no more? 

Happy Monday!
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