Pilates Love.

Last week I did something very uncharacteristic of me and went to a Cardio Pilates class at our gym. Besides yoga, I have had very little exposure to group classes and only associated Pilates with middle aged women in Lululemon. In an attempt to really get healthier this year (like everyone else in the world) I decided to go and loved it- so much that I have marked every Tuesday and Thursday for the next two months. 

Over the past few months I have been going to the gym, but wasn't really feeling like I was doing much. I had been going through the motions, but missed the feeling of the "burn." In addition, I wanted something more interactive than just doing weights or crunches. 

I mentioned Blogilates before in a post back in the summer, but I have been loving it recently. Most workout videos are either really intimidating or boring, but Cassie is amazing. She's the perfect combination of positive without being cheesy and seeing her do the moves is very encouraging- I still have no idea how she can talk through everything. Best of all, I can do them in my dorm at 8 am before my 10 am class and feel awake rather than on the verge of exhaustion. If you are looking for a place to start or want to mix up your workout routine, check out some of my favorites here, here and here

Happy Monday- hope you have an amazing week and tackle all your endeavors! 

P.S. Need a pump up song? This has been on repeat (along with the rest of her album) all weekend!


  1. Congratulations on trying something new - cardio pilates sounds like a lot of fun! I wish they offered that here at my university gym!
    xx, Mikkaela

    1. Thanks! Yeah it's so nice to have, check out and see what fitness options are available!

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