Thursday Thoughts: Women and Fitness

Growing up with two bothers in an athletic household, my whole life has been involved in sports. From soccer to softball, basketball, ice skating, running and rowing, I have done it all at some point. Though I was not that child who was a superstar athlete, fitness is something that remains a huge part of my life. In the past couple of weeks, I have come across two videos that have sparked interest in writing about women and fitness in general. The first is an Under Armour ad that came out last fall featuring Gisele Bünchden, the famed Victoria's Secret model in response to the public's opinion on her as a spokeswoman. The second one came out this month was a UK PSA featuring women of all shapes sizes and backgrounds getting out and sweating (the erging scenes are too real). It's really well done and quite empowering that everybody is strong and powerful. 

Going to Bucknell, there is a lot of emphasis on working out and eating healthy, which is a great thing. However there are such a stress on looking a certain way, even at the gym. 

I think that both of these videos do an amazing job of sharing that it doesn't matter if you're Gisele Bünchden, Mia Hamm, or a suburban mother of six. The point of fitness should not be about showing off, but being encouraging and guiding each other (as cheesy as that sounds). Rather than constantly saying people can't be this or that to play sports or work out, we should just forget about judging others and just focus being the best version of ourselves. One of my favorite workout classes I ever took was this summer when I went with my friend Maggie to a Crossfit place. I had always heard that there was a very encouraging environment in the Crossfit community, but never imagined that perfect strangers would be genuinely encouraging me to keep running on the hardest hill challenges.                                  

To end this off, I would like to challenge you the next time you are working out with someone even if it's as simple as a high five- you never know the impact it can have.   

Have a great rest of the week!
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  1. It's always such an amazing feeling when I see/read/hear about self and female empowerment! Great post! :)
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster