A "Typical" Day at the Buck

I decided to write about what a normal day at school entails- this may be the most boring post, but I always like reading about what other people's days look like. Since coming to college, I would have never guessed some of the things I prioritize every week would become such an important part of my schedule, but that's one of the best part about growing in college!

I don't know my exact reader demographic but if you are not yet in college, know that your days will be significantly different than in high school. Depending on what you do outside of class and on campus (as well as your major), your days will likely be filled with a lot of errands. Personally I love the college schedule over high school- you don't have to be locked up in one building and have much more freedom. Though things vary week by week, here is a fairly typical Thursday. 

6:30 Alarm goes off 
7:10 Actually wake up, look at phone disappointed it's not Friday and skim over reading
7:25 Attempt to look like a human before class
7:44 Contemplate making my bed but then realize I don't have time
7:45 Hustle out the door and trek across campus
8:00 Make it in the nick of time to Comparative Politics 
9:22 Get out of Politics and rush to Bertrand Library Cafe to try and get breakfast before next class
9:30 Run right into Management 101 
10:50 Get out of class
10:56 Wait in line for package before 11 am mailroom opening- clear by the line that I was not the only one thinking of doing this 
11:00 Theta lunch in the Bison with my sisters
12:00 Back to my room to finish an essay for English Lit
12:45 Finish weekly Her Campus article and send it off to the editors
1:30 Submit article before 3 pm deadline
2:00 Meet up with someone for Fashion Friday post
3:30 Drop off forms in the English Department
3:40 Walk back to Roberts Hall and call my grandma
4:00 Draft paper due, work on homework, send emails
4:50 Some sort of five minute distraction 
6:00 Get ready and head to the gym
6:20 Get early to ensure spot for Cardio Pilates
6:30 Sweat a lot.
7:30 Get on the Elliptical
8:00 Head to the Bison for dinner (usual wrap, please!)
8:30 Meet up for group project
9:00 Head back to Roberts
10:00 Blog, catch up on other blogs
11:00 Homework 
12:01 Another distraction (probably a lot more than just two, but you get the point)
1:15 Shower
1:30 Crash into my pillow

Happy Monday! I would love to know some of the things on your every day to do list!{Image}

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