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It was one summer night many years ago that I tried comedy. It was a warm night in rural Virginia at camp during improv night. Long story short, I choked. Since then I have sworn off things that require comedy on the spot, but decided to take an attempt at writing. 

Last week when picking Her Campus articles, I decided to write "why you are single this Valentine's Day." I started out trying to give regular advice and then went off that path. It will be up next week, but here's a first look- I'd love some feedback!

Why You’re Single This Valentine’s Day

There are two times in every college girl’s life where we realize how single we really are. Other than having to inform Grandma over December holiday dinner that no there is “no one special” in our life and yes, it must be because we are intimidating is the red and pink Hallmark promotion that is Valentine’s Day. Coined by many as “Single’s Awareness Day” it’s the time when we realize the water we’ve been trading in and the truth that we are in fact, single. While seeing smug girls picking up flowers from the mailroom every February 14th (you know who you are) and being overwhelmed with Instagrams of cute couples we can’t help but ask ourselves, oh god, why am I single? Maybe the key is to realize that it is not completely our own fault. If you are part of the 99.2% of girls who had hope when told at Orientation that would for sure be meeting your husband before graduation, this one is for you. 

Perhaps we should start with where we are looking for some of these potential dates/boyfriends/cuddle buddies. If you are an a sophomore, junior or senior girl who rarely engages with the opposite sex on a day to day basis this could be tricky. Perhaps start by eliminating locations that require heavy inebriation to be semi- enjoyable. Now I don’t actually know how this happens, but go on the “Bucknell in Love” Facebook to read stories about how other people met- it happens for some people out there. (Fair warning, this could also cause more anxiety as almost everyone met their spouse the first day of Orientation- class of 2019 get on it). 

Maybe the other issue is putting our expectations too high. Considering we eat at the Bison for every meal it’s evident that we are used to low standards so this shouldn’t be an issue (sorry Bucknell, but I’m still not over the small fortune for strawberries that rival movie theater popcorn prices). We need to take a page from Lizzie McGuire get over Ethan Crafts and open our eyes to the Gordos of the world. This is tough and requires us to stop waiting for that one guy we’ve always liked but never done anything about and move on. This also relates to the concept of realistic expectations- no guy is going to execute the perfect picnic or love letter no matter how much we wish they could.  

Limitation is another factor that we can blame because unfortunately hey, it’s out of our control. As girls we are in the freshman year everything seemed so shiny and new with four classes of guys to choose from. The older we get the more this limited. In retrospect, with a world of billions of  people out there, it’s a bit ridiculous to think that our whole life is over if we can’t find someone within the confined proximity that is Lewisburg, Pennsylvania (though let’s face it, most of us set Tinder settings to within one mile). 

So weather you have been single since birth or just got broken up with - sorry girl, but he’s probably cheap anyway- take the opportunity to get out there (figuratively because Pennsylvania winter) and “do you”. Set a Galentine’s date with you and the real loves of your life and go wild. Just do yourself and the rest of us a favor and save the depressing thoughts for tweens on Twitter this year. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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