Sunday Spring Look // Colorful Maxi Skirts

Probably the best Carrie Bradshaw outfit I've seen since well,  SJP herself.
So, I was planning on doing a full throttle fashion Friday, however this was the weekend that everyone (myself included) got really sick. I promise that I will have something up either Monday or Tuesday, when the illness that had been plaguing the school dies down a bit.

Anyway, today the temperatures got above 40 degrees, which in Bucknell terms means spring is right around the corner. I also caught word from my mother that it should be in the 60's in San Francisco, so naturally I am ready to bust out the spring clothes that have been tucked away since October. One wardrobe staple piece that has been catching my eye is maxi skirts. Not really groundbreaking information, but it's always nice to have some warm weather eye candy for inspiration. I feel like a maxi skirt is one of those clothing items that you can look so put together, but also so comfortable (it's essentially a blanket wrapped around you legs). Some of my favorites: 

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>> Pleated Maxi // Gauze // Paisley <<

Have an amazing rest of the weekend! {Image one//two//three//four}

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