Thursday Thoughts: John Green and "Destiny"

Like 99.94756% of the population, I love John Green. I feel like he is the spiritual guide/ cool uncle I never had. (For the recored, I have some awesome uncles in real life too, but you get the point.) The other day I came across a recent video that really struck with me in the realms of late night procrastination. It was John (the author of The Fault in Our Stars) talking about his experience in high school after finding his report cards- and how terrible of a student he was. I don't want to reiterate the video, but I highly recommend watching (it's hilarious to hear the comments from his teachers). (Link here to watch)

One of the things they really touched on is the idea that people are more than just one thing. The idea that high school is the be all end all of your life was something I definitely felt a few years ago. Even now being almost 20 and almost halfway done with college (a fact I am choosing to ignore) everything always seems so, final. You must major in this, work here and be x, y and z and that is what will determine the course of your life. However it's not really like that. After hearing this from "an adult" and someone I admire so much, I realized how right he was. The moral is not to be a high school screw up, but to understand that people are always changing, evolving and a screw up in high school is not always going to be a screw up in life. Conan once quoted (from my favorite commencement speech ever that I have mentioned countless times- Bucknell 2017, eh?), "The person that you are at 22 is not the person you will be at 32 or 42," and that "no one thing should define me, and it shouldn't define you." Amen. 

Happy Thursday- have a great one! {Image}


  1. I definitely agree on all parts - John Green is not only an amazing author and cool pseudo-uncle, but he is also a great example of someone who embraces their imperfections and enjoys the little things in life!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

  2. I think this was one of my favorite posts by you. Beautifully articulated :)

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