What The Tour Guide Didn't Tell You...Applying and Choosing a College + New Video!

Let me start by saying I will never underestimate people that film videos again. After putting up a few, I understand so much more of the mentality behind putting videos up online (I always wondered why they always wrapped it up at the end- less editing). Blogging (or at least from my novice experience) is 10 times easier. Though lot of fun, it does take a while to make sure that you have enough space on your camera, everything is charged, you don't look dead, the lighting is nice and that you have enough room on your camera, as well as time to edit and upload- it's a process. For one of my first on my channel, I had to film a 20 minute video in 1080p which took forever to process and upload- of course. 

I am currently writing this from the basement of Bertrand Library since I don't want to splash out $300 on Final Cut Pro...yet. (I know my mother is reading this horrified because I am now calling her everyday with a new need for camera equipment- not the cheapest of hobbies I will say.) After looking at and hearing yourself for hours, you begin to realize all the little things you do when talking that you never think about. That being said, I am so sorry to everyone who has had to watch me lick my lips while talking to them. I think I spent a good 30 minutes cutting it out as much as possible. 

Anyway on to the actual subject, I wanted to put up a video on a new college advice subject. It goes pretty in depth into deciding and applying to college, including what type of app to use, how to get started and four underrated factors in choosing a college. It's a bit long, but something I really wish I had had three years ago when going through the college process. I'm still figuring the hang of filing and editing, but I hope you find it useful! 

Happy Tuesday- one day closer to Spring Break! {Image}

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