A Baking Attempt: Ombre Rose Cupcakes

Today I wanted to share how I made these ombre rose mini cupcakes last weekend! I love the way they turned out and are a simple upgrade from traditional cupcakes. Because I have never been good at baking compared to cooking (exact measurements- ugh) here is a super simple recipe that is (almost) no fail.

To start, the two most important things you are going to need are proper piping bags and an actual cupcake pan- trust me. I ended up having to make two batches because a) the cupcake shape got all messed up and b) using homemade piping bags resulted in a lot of icing explosions (just don't do it). Here's what you need: 

1 box of yellow cake mix (the best) + whatever it requires to make the cake
4 or 5 icing bags with pipettes
2 jars of white icing
food coloring (your choice, but pink/red is my favorite
48 mini or 24 regular

I don't have pictures of the icing, but here is a link to a similar rose cake that I made last summer. All you have to do is sort the icing evenly into separate bowls (I found about four different colors work) and add small amounts of food coloring gradually until you have gradual shades of one color. 

From there after the cupcakes have cooled, you just have to place the icing in the bags and swirl one circle onto the cupcake. Don't worry about messing up, the pipette will make it look pretty!

And there you have it! Hope you try this out (I am now insanely hungry) and have a great Tuesday and rest of the week!

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