Editing Away....

Happy Monday! The last couple of days has been a sleep deprived whirlwind. There is nothing better than getting up on a Monday morning for class and having to adjust to East Coast time in one day. 

On the plane, I got to work editing some videos. I love writing posts for the blog and making videos, even though they are so incredibly different. Videos defiantly take a lot more time and allows less room for error on uploading (no change date feature on YouTube), but the editing process is so much fun. Honestly, good editing probably makes up 80% of a video, and bad editing can kill the best of footage. Here are some must haves for making videos. 

Along with everything from the snack isle in Trader Joe's, I consider this site God's gift to Earth. You can edit thumbnails so easily (and free!) without having to use Photoshop. I honestly don't know what I would without it. You can use it for posters, photos, blogs- you name it!

A lot of people recommend using Final Cut Pro X, but after using both for editing, there is not much of a difference between the two. The new iMovie update has taken a lot of the features of Final Cut, without the $300 price tag. 

This is hands down, the best if you are looking for a DSLR camera. Though a bit pricy, it's by far the best thing I have ever bought ever. This camera is even better (and cheaper) than the Nikon cameras and can be used for almost any lens. It also has a pop out lens, which is very useful for filming and photos. 

When it comes to filming, what matters a lot more is the lense that you use. Both of these lenses are excellent, but do not have a zoom, which can be difficult for beginners (myself included). If you do need a zoom lens, the kit still had pretty awesome quality!

Happy (?) Monday!

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