Fashion Friday: White Out

Last week, I took advantage of finally being near a real mall to stock up on some things for spring. I originally planned this week's Fashion Friday to be an all white outfit for spring...and woke up to 3 inches of snow on the ground. Nonetheless, here is a winter white outfit with the snow to match- hopefully this is the last of it. I must say, I was hesitant at first about white nail polish, but I'm kind of loving it. Also really hope to get lots of use out of my Keds- especially abroad!

Once again, shoutout to Holly for helping me take this. After committing to daily blogging for over a year, there is a lot to daily blogging and making videos  weekly that people don't realize. As much as I wish I could (by the way, I do not consider myself a model by any means) take photos of myself, I'm lucky to have amazing friends who put up with it!

Happy Friday!


  1. I saw your Haul video on YouTube, and that brought me here...kinda late. ;)

    I would LOVE to see more OOTD's etc with the navy Keds! I am a swing dancer, and wear those all the time (white, blue, and gray). Love to style them with skirts, dresses, 30's/40's looks, and more casually, as well. That sockless look in the snow is amazing, too! Kudos!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I will definitely be doing more now that the weather is warming up once finals are over!