Hump Day Updates

Happy Hump Day! Hope you are having a great week. This doesn't happen too often (fortunately) but I have been in a bit of a rut the past few days. Most likely it's from the lack of Vitamin D combined with the anticipation right before break (a very similar motivation feeling to my entire senior year of high school). Here are some of the things coming up that I hope to share here!

Cooking class // This is an example of writing something down with the hopes that it will actually happen. I love cooking and of course never really get to do it very often at school, so my mother and I are hoping to take one over break, specifically in dessert making. I will be writing all about the experience and hopefully getting some pictures of the process! 

Videos // Making videos the past few weeks has been so much fun and there are a ton of things I hope to film in the upcoming weeks. New ones will definitely be going up at the end of this week and the one I filmed with Genna is hilarious, so stay tuned! (FYI if you ever decide to make videos, be prepared for a lot of heartbreak, from memory cards not working to footage getting deleted. Good times, good times.)

Spring Break // Yes, just yes. My mother stated that I would not be wearing shorts all week because "it would only get to 65 or 70." Ok mother...

Hope you have a great Wednesday! {Image}

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