New Video Wednesday! + Updates

Hope you are having a great week! With warmer weather (and House Party) coming this weekend, the fun part of the semester is coming up (minus finals). I have also been planning a lot of really cool ideas for this summer on my blog and channel and have a very special guest who is going to be living with me! (P.S. if anyone knows of a place hiring someone for three months with half of a bachelors degree, hit me up.)

I finally got down to filming and editing a video this week. Sorry for lack of a blog post, but it can be challenging to get blog everyday and multiple videos each week in addition to everything else going on. In the spirit of self promotion, I thought I'd put it here. This video was really fun to film and edit. It's funny because even after a few weeks you can really see how much easier it gets and how much you progress- still not totally comfortable in front of the camera, but it's a step. 

Happy Wednesday! 

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