So What Are College Kids Really Listening To? | Guest Post by Sophia

Though I am a huge fan of music, when it comes to actually having knowledge of artists and songs that aren't on top 40 radio, I get a bit lost. Fortunately one of my best friends from high school, Sophia wrote up an awesome guest post of some great music recommendations. Thanks so much Phia!
Have you ever wondered how certain music makes its way to the top of the charts while others falter?  Why does that annoying Top 40 song get played every hour?  Better yet, why is it even in the Top 40?  The answer is: money.  That’s right, good ol’ mullah.  Contracted by a recording label or artist, independent promoters are hired to approach radio stations about playing their client’s song in exchange for tens of thousands of dollars a year. Radio stations in turn must be further persuaded by the promoter that their song will match the radio station’s music and draw in listeners.  The job of an independent promoter in short is to generate airplay for their clients by putting their songs into regular rotation. One massive radio server, Clear Channel (aka iHeartRadio) cut ties with independent promoters back in 2003.  But has that really stopped influence and big artist favoritism on the radio?
What I do know is that Top 40 music is not the music that college students are listening to. Sure, there have been some great Top 40 songs, but most of the time we don’t look to the charts to find music. Instead, we look in other places.  Whether it’s by searching the internet, or getting a suggestion from a friend, college students always find the best music.  Below are a few of my top picks for popular genres among college students.  Alongside I’ve included great artists, new and old, and their songs that I suggest checking out.
One of the most listened to genres on college campuses today, rap exudes a type of confidence that’s exhilarating.  Whether it be at a party, pregame, or just hanging out with friends, rap is everywhere.  While rap sometimes makes it to the Top 40, the best up and coming songs and rappers are usually not found on the radio waves.  New artists with styles that differ from the rest are found everywhere on sites like Soundcloud and Youtube.  Unfortunately, taking the time to look for new rap music if you’re not already well acquainted with the genre can be difficult.  Thankfully, I’ve already got you covered.

OB Obrien-“Hamilton”, “Schemin’ Up” ft. Drake and P Reign, “Steve Nash”
Mike Green -“Forest Green”
Chance the Rapper -“Juice”, “Coco Butter Kisses”, “Smoke Again”
Earl Sweatshirt -“Molliwopped”, “Chum”
Die Antwoord -“Hey Sexy”, “So What?”, “Baby’s on Fire”
Dej Loaf -“Try Me”, “Blood”
Mac Miller -“Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza”, “Can I Live” by Cassie Veggies Ft. Mac Miller
J Cole -“In the Morning”, “Cole Summer”

Electronic Music/ EDM
As popular as it is, electronic music (aka EDM) is somehow one of the most underplayed on the radio.  As a single genre that strives to encompass many, pinpointing what exactly electronic music is collectively can be hard.  Large sub-genres to EDM include trance, techno, ambient, house, and trap to name a few.
If you’ve noticed “trap” in the list and are just as curious as I was to find out the definition and why it’s EDM, here ya go:
“To simply break it down, Trap music would be best described as a combination of 1/3 hip hop + 1/3 Dance Music + 1/3 Dubstep”
Banks-“Waiting Game”, “Warm Water”
Flume-“You & Me Remix”, “Insane”, “Tennis Court Remix”
Jessica Ware- “Wildest Moments”
SBTRKT-“Wildfire (ft. Little Dragon)”
Liz-“Don’t Say” ft. Tyga, “Stop Me Cold”
Jai Paul-“Jasmine”
Flight Facilities-“Crave You”, “With You”
Tycho-“A Walk”, “Dive”

Who doesn’t love an artist that can not only perform their own song, but write it too?  It is an undeniable fact that people love singer-songwriters.  They’re true to themselves and have something to say.  When we’re not trying to get hyped, workout, or party the night away, many college students turn to their favorite singer-songwriters. Here are a few suggested artists that not only have something to say, but say it well.
The Wreckers-“Leave the Pieces”, “Tennessee”
Michelle Branch-“Everywhere”, “Breathe”
Sheryl Crow-“If It Makes You Happy”, “Leaving Las Vegas”, “Soak up the Sun”
Elliot Smith-“Say Yes”, “Let’s get Lost”, “Twilight”
Regina Spektor-“Samson”, “Baobabs” “Fidelity”
Gregory Alan Isakov-“Big Black Car”, “The Stable Song” 
KT Tunstall-“Suddenly I See”, “Other Side of the World”, “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”

Jewel-“You Were Meant for Me”, “Who Will Save Your Soul”, “Foolish Games”
Thanks so much Sophia! Have a great Sunday! {Image one//two//three//four}

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