Thursday Thoughts: Thank You

As a young tyke in the big bad days of elementary school, I was a teacher's pet to say the least. I used to love hanging out with my teachers during breaks and loved bringing them into my projects (the highlights were always whenever there was a class assignment that I could get crafty with).  

Yesterday this video came up on my newsfeed a few times. It is of an Albuquerque Kindergarden teacher on Ellen who went above and beyond to give back to the children in her classes and community. I was very touched by her kindness, and while walking to my 8 am across campus this morning, I thought about my own teachers I have had throughout my life. 

I try to go back to my elementary school whenever I can. Though I had incredible teachers throughout all of my years of school in addition to the privilege of receiving one of the best educations in the country, it was my elementary school years where I shaped my true interests and passions (I wrote my first professionally bound book in 2nd grade) and was able to tap into my creative side. I know there are a couple of teachers who read this blog, and if you were one of them, thank you for being wonderful and not getting too mad when I read magazines under my desk. Being a teacher may be one of the most influential careers out there, and I am so grateful to have had ones who let me grow and discover.

Happy Thursday!

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